Chartered Physiotherapist

physiotherapist,Katie - Home Physio Group


BSc (Hons) - University of Southampton

Areas of expertise

Neurological rehabilitation, elderly care, falls prevention, respiratory, orthopaedics

Regions covered

London, Surrey & Reading

My Journey

Since qualifying as a physiotherapist, I have worked in three different trusts and across many different in-patient settings. I am currently working with orthopaedic patients at Ashford and St. Peter’s Trust, but also have experience working with neurological and musculoskeletal injuries. I have also treated elderly patients with mobility issues. I have a passion for sport and have spent the past three years running mid-week and match day clinics and organising acute injury, rehabilitation, and return-to-play work for a rugby team.

Something about me

I have been a volunteer kayaking coach for 10 years, working with beginners and international athletes alike. I have also been lucky enough to support athletes on international trips.
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