Chartered Physiotherapist

physiotherapist,Katie - Home Physio Group


BSc (Hons) - University of Southampton

My Journey

Since qualifying as a physiotherapist, I have worked in three different trusts and across many different in-patient settings. I am currently working with orthopaedic patients at Ashford and St. Peter’s Trust, but also have experience working with neurological and musculoskeletal injuries. I have also treated elderly patients with mobility issues. I have a passion for sport and have spent the past three years running mid-week and match day clinics and organising acute injury, rehabilitation, and return-to-play work for a rugby team.

Something about me

I have been a volunteer kayaking coach for 10 years, working with beginners and international athletes alike. I have also been lucky enough to support athletes on international trips.
“We are very happy with the work that our physio Katie has been doing. My husband came home from hospital very weak and pretty well bedridden. In a couple of weeks, Katie has managed to get him to stand and walk a few metres using a frame. She has built up his confidence as well as building up his strength. There is a huge benefit in seeing the same physiotherapist each week, as she can compare his progress from week to week. The admin from Home Physio Group has been efficient and professional throughout.” – Mrs Rowe, London
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