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Veronica, Purley

Very efficient and prompt communication. I am impressed by the soft skills of the admin team that bought warm and human empathy in often fraught and fragile situations. The team probe very thoroughly into the specific needs of the patient. This is then accompanied by action and we were sent Susan to come and work with us at home. Highly recommend Home Physio Group.

Patricia, Leyton

All my sessions were so helpful and helped me get back to full strength. Geetha was a star and I can highly recommend Home Physio Group

Stewart, Cobham

Excellent home service with well qualified and personable physiotherapist, Misha. Disciplined approach needed to follow up the programme between weekly visits. Great outcome!

Leon, South Norwood

Betty is a professional and dedicated physio. She identified the issues quickly and devised a great treatment plan to deal with them. I would highly recommend Home Physio Group to anyone looking for physio at home.

Julia, Milton Keynes

Absolute life-saver of a service! I was so grateful when I finally discovered a domiciliary physio who could visit my mother during lockdown at her care home. She had only very limited access to NHS physio following several falls post-stroke and of course there was also no visiting allowed for prolonged periods for family. And it was particularly difficult for myself as I live and work abroad. However as part of her care team, Lina was able to go in and enhance her life a little! Right from the beginning, the advice and attention from the administrative side was really lovely and professional. Lina has been delightful and my mother so enjoys her visits. Mum’s physical and mental (and emotional!) abilities vary widely day to day, but Lina has managed to interact with her really well. Lina updated me after her visits, again it was so lovely to hear how mum was doing from a professional’s perspective. Highly recommend the Home Physio service without hesitation.

Norman, Stanmore

Really thorough workouts. Strongly recommended Home Physio Group. 10 out of 10. Punctual with appointments and thorough work-outs. Great service from start to finish.

Meet some of our physios



Simon covers Guildford. His passion is in elderly & neurological rehab, falls prevention & musculoskeletal conditions

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Claire covers Dover and Ashford. She has an interest in treating children and adult neurological conditions and the elderly group

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Ademola covers West London. He has a special interest in elderly rehab, falls prevention, respiratory care & neurological rehabilitation

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Prashant covers South East London. He specialises in elderly rehab, falls prevention, elderly care & musculoskeletal physio

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Francesca covers Central London and has a special interest in sports, musculoskeletal, orthopaedics and neurological conditions

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Martina covers North London. She is passionate about treating sports injuries, post-surgery and musculoskeletal conditions

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physiotherapist Dan - Home Physio Group


Dan covers Central & South London. He has a special interest in treating sports & orthopaedic conditions and caring for the elderly

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Jason covers Cambridge. He has a special interest in in respiratory rehab, neurological rehab, elderly rehab, falls prevention & orthopaedics

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Chris covers East London. His main area of interest is sports, muscular and joint injuries, treating the elderly and neuro conditions

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Fiona covers the Ascot area, and has a special interest in sports injuries, orthopaedics & musculoskeletal conditions

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Thana covers North London & Hertfordshire. He has a special interest in elderly care, orthopaedic conditions, neurological and covid rehabilitation

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Misha covers South London. She has a special interest in treating elderly rehab, stroke management and amputee rehab

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physiotherapist Sharon - Home Physio Group


Sharon covers Central & North London. She helps to manage pain with a range of physical and psychosocial rehabilitation techniques

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rebecca photo


Rebecca covers the Shropshire region. Her speciality is in elderly & respiratory care, orthopaedics & neurological rehab

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physiotherapist,Katie - Home Physio Group


Katie covers South London & Surrey. She has a broad range of clinical experience in neurology rehabilitation, elderly care and orthopaedics

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alex photo1


Alex covers Surrey. He has a special interest in stroke rehabilitation, elderly care, falls preventions, muscular injuries & orthopaedic conditions

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physiotherapist, Susan - Home Physio Group


Susan covers Central & South London, Croydon & Surrey. She has a special interest in elderly rehab, orthopaedics, neurology, and paediatric care

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Chloe covers North London & Buckinghamshire. She specialises in elderly rehab, orthopaedics and paediatrics

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Alexa covers Cheshire. Her passions lies in musculoskeletal & orthopaedics conditions, sport injuries, & elderly rehabilitation

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physiotherapist Matt - Home Physio Group


Matthew covers South & Central London. He specialises in elderly and respiratory care and has a passion for treating orthopaedic conditions

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