Chartered Physiotherapist

My Journey

My journey as a Physiotherapist was inspired by attending a swimming club for disabled adults and children as a child. I made friends there and enjoyed having fun and helping others in the water. I found myself drawn to a medical career when I observed what my Dad went through during his cancer treatment. I wanted to help others, and Physiotherapy appealed to me as it focused on promoting independence, confidence and activity.

Something about me

I have a passion for live music and listen to everything from classical music to drum and bass! I often attend concerts and love to watch bands playing together. I enjoy spending time in nature and improving my gardening skills. This year’s harvest includes aubergines, courgettes and scotch bonnet peppers!
“I was unable to walk due to sever pain in my right leg. I had to self refer to the NHS Physio group who sent me some exercise to do. I could not do them due to pain. I decided I needed to be seen by a human being and I was visited at home within days by Diane, a fully qualified Physiotherapist from Home Physio Group. She was very attentive and reassuring and diagnosed sciatica. She proposed some exercises and within a week I was so much better and able to walk with a stick. After a second visit and some extra exercises I was able to walk and back to dancing. Some muscle building exercises are now advised. I did not expect in my wildest dreams that I would feel so much better within a month. Thank you Diane”. – Eric, Enfield
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