Chartered Physiotherapist

My Journey

After being in Law School for 4 years, and not enjoying it, I started going to aerobic classes. I really enjoyed the classes so I took some training and became an instructor. Clients coming to my classes start to ask me different questions about the way they were walking, about why they were having different limitations and why they are so stiff. I started doing research to give them the right answers, but I felt that I was needing more. So, I decided to change my career and enrol myself to study Physiotherapy at University. I got a scholarship to go to France for 6 months to finish my bachelor’s degree. I instantly felt that this is my purpose in life. I love to make people feel better, feel cared and listened to. I gained experience over the time working in Intermediate Care, Rehab Units, Community Rehab and Private clinics.

Something about me

I love bringing joy on people`s faces and their hearts.
“I used Home Physio Group after having a right knee replacement. They sent Diana. Wow what a fantastic lady. A real tough cookie but exactly what was needed to get my right knee working. She got my knee flex to 95%. She made me work hard and gave me home work. My right knee is now doing its job and I’m continuing the exercises. Thank you Diana you really are a star.” – Jennifer, London.
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