The Role of Physiotherapy in Maintaining a Healthy Heart


When it comes to heart health, we often think about medication, diet, and exercise as the primary pillars.  However, physiotherapy can be important in providing specialist advice and treatment programmes that will positively affect cardiovascular health.  It is important to prevent cardiovascular disease as this has a vast effect on body systems, and all organs will suffer if there is a problem with circulation.  Cardiovascular problems also contribute to premature aging.

The Heart of the Matter

As we navigate stress, sedentary lifestyles, and other cardiovascular risk factors, we must find a holistic approach to heart health.  This is where physiotherapy comes in, complementing medical treatments and enhancing the overall quality of cardiac care.

Physiotherapy’s role in heart health

Physiotherapy plays a pivotal role in cardiac rehabilitation.  It’s about retraining and conditioning the heart through tailored exercises and therapies . The aim is to recover and rebuild robust, resilient heart function and prevent complications with a proactive approach.  When we have become used to a sedentary lifestyle it is important to progress through graded exercise with supervision and expert support achieving graded improvements in stamina and strength without overloading the heart.

Looking after your Heart

Cardiac physiotherapy helps with improving circulation and boosting heart muscle efficiency.  interventions can reduce the risk of heart disease and improve recovery outcomes post-cardiac events.  They also focus on educating patients on heart-healthy habits and exercises that can be incorporated into daily life.  Breathing control and relaxation techniques can also be practiced and taught as these reduce blood pressure and reduce stress and anxiety, which are all detrimental to cardiac function.

Everyday tips for a Healthy Heart

Small daily changes can lead to significant heart health improvements.  Simple activities like walking, taking the stairs, or even seated leg exercises can be instrumental in keeping your heart rhythm steady and robust.

Types of Exercise to boost heart health

  • Aerobic exercise – this improves circulation, lowering the blood pressure and heart rate.  It improves the overall aerobic fitness and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Resistance training – this has a direct impact on body composition, reducing fat and inducing a leaner muscle mass.    A combination of aerobic and resistance work increasing good (HDL) cholesterol whilst reducing bad (LDL) cholesterol.
  • Stretching, flexibility and balance – helps us keep flexible and free from joint pain.  This is essential to allow us to perform aerobic and resistance exercises effectively.

Physiotherapists can help design the ideal exercise programme for your needs, starting with small, easy to achieve goals and stepping up until targets are achieved.


You can access physiotherapy services for heart health through Home Physio Group. These services are often part of a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program designed to support patients in all stages of heart health – from prevention to post-operative recovery.

The journey to a healthy heart isn’t just about what you avoid but also about what you embrace. By integrating physiotherapy into your heart health regimen, you’re taking a step towards recovery, longevity, and vitality.

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