Impact winter months have on our joints

During winter, you are more vulnerable to joint pain due to the change in weather. As it gets colder and the atmospheric pressure drops in winter, the fluid around your joints becomes thicker. This puts pressure on your joints and reduces the range of motion in your joints, causing them to become stiff and eventually leading to pain.

Symptoms of joint pain include tenderness, stiffness, swelling and weakness of your joints. This is exacerbated by staying indoors and being less mobile in winter months.

How you can prevent joint pain

  • Stay as active as you can – It’s tempting in the winter to stay indoors all day and sit around in your comfy winter clothes but try to move around as much as possible indoors. Easy ways to achieve this include walking around the house or doing a workout either at home or in the gym. The more mobile you are, the lesser the risk of your joints becoming stiff and painful.
  • Warm baths – If you already suffer from joint pain, it may feel worse in winter as the cold makes your body more sensitive to pain. Warm baths will help to soothe your pain by stimulating blood flow to the inflamed area.
  • Stay Hydrated – During winter your water intake decreases and mild levels of dehydration can make you more sensitive to pain so staying hydrated will help to stop this from occurring.
  • Eat Healthy – eating a balanced diet will help you stay a healthy body weight during the winter when it is easy to gain weight. An increased body weight puts pressure on your feet and knees, which leads to joint pain.
  • Get a professional massage – A massage is a great way to relieve joint pain and release all the tension and pressure causing your joints to ache. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our physiotherapists at Home Physio Group if you are in pain or if your joint pain gets worse.

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