I am a new skier – how will physio help me prepare for my holiday?

Physiotherapy can be an important part of preparing for a ski holiday, as it can help to improve your physical fitness and reduce your risk of injury on the slopes. Skiing can be a high-impact sport, and there is a risk of injury when participating in the activity. Some common skiing injuries include sprains, fractures, dislocations, concussions, knee injuries, and back injuries. By strengthening the muscles that you use while skiing, improving your balance and coordination, and increasing your overall physical fitness, physical therapy can help you to perform better and reduce your risk of injury while skiing.

There are many different techniques that physical therapists may use to help prepare you for a ski holiday. Some examples of physical therapy treatments that may be helpful for ski preparation include:

Strength training

Strength training exercises, such as squats, lunges, leg presses, and leg curls, can help to strengthen the muscles in your legs, core, and upper body. This can help you to have more control and stability on the slopes, as well as better endurance.

Balance and coordination training

Balance and coordination are important for skiing, as you need to be able to navigate through different terrain and make quick movements. Balance and coordination training exercises, such as standing on one leg, balance board exercises, and agility drills, can help to improve these skills.


Stretching exercises can help to improve your flexibility and range of motion, which can be important for maintaining proper form while skiing. This can help you to reduce your risk of injury and ski more comfortably.

Cardiovascular conditioning

Cardiovascular conditioning exercises, such as running or cycling, can help to improve your endurance and overall fitness for skiing. This can help you to have more stamina on the slopes and recover more quickly after skiing.


Massage can help to improve circulation and relax muscles, which can be beneficial for recovery after skiing. Massage can also help to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue.


Kinesiology taping is a technique that involves applying special tape to the skin in specific patterns to help support muscles and reduce inflammation. This can help to improve muscle function and reduce pain.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy techniques, such as joint mobilisations and manipulations, can help to improve mobility and reduce pain. These techniques may be particularly helpful for those who experience joint stiffness or discomfort while skiing.

Overall, physiotherapy can be a valuable tool for preparing for a ski holiday. By strengthening the muscles that you use while skiing, improving your balance and coordination, increasing your flexibility, and improving your cardiovascular fitness, physiotherapy can help you to have a safer and more enjoyable ski experience. It’s also important to take steps to protect yourself from injury while skiing, such as wearing protective gear, skiing at a safe speed, and following ski resort rules and guidelines. If you do experience an injury while skiing, it is also important to seek medical attention immediately.

It’s a good idea to start preparing for your ski holiday a few weeks in advance by working with a physiotherapist to improve your strength, balance, coordination, and cardiovascular fitness. At Home Physio group we can help you to identify the muscle groups that are most important for skiing and design a program to target those muscles. Our physiotherapists can also provide you with a home exercise program to continue your progress between sessions.

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