How to relieve neck pain

So many of us nowadays have neck pain, especially as we tend to gaze into computer screens, tablets, or phones throughout the day.   Holding your phone between your neck and your shoulder is a habit done by many and can contribute highly to the pain you are feeling.  Driving long journeys on a regular basis can also have the same effect. 

Pain in your neck may come on suddenly or may develop gradually over time. There are many causes for neck pain such as arthritis, poor posture, decline in muscle strength, a fall, stress or a bad sleeping position.

Generally when you feel pain in your neck it is nothing to worry about, but if it carries on and gives you more serious symptoms like weakness or numbness in your arm, or dizziness please ensure you get medical advice.

There are numerous tools that you can put in place to help relieve or reduce your neck pain:

  • Keeping your monitor at eye level, so you can sit up straight in a chair with good posture
  • When you are driving, taking regular breaks will relieve the pressure that we put on our necks and lower back
  • When using your phone, try to remember not do something else at the same time, as this will lead to you holding your phone with your shoulder, which in turn will cause you pain due to muscle tightness. Try using the handsfree option or wear a headset
  • Take note of your sleeping position and try to ensure that your position is not straining your neck or back
  • Ensure you have a mattress that is not too soft or too firm. Often people use soft mattresses and pillows which can lead to a bad neck
  • If you wear glasses, ensure your prescription is up to date.  If your glasses are not correct for your vision you will have a tendency to lean forwards or backwards to read something
  • Remember your limits, and ensure you stick to them.  If you feel you cannot carry a heavy load, don’t. You are better to do more journeys to carry smaller loads multiple times, than to carry a heavy load all in one go

Things that you can do to help yourself:

  • Applying ice and/or heat to the area a few times a day
  • Take over the counter anti-inflammatory medication
  • Keep as mobile as you can be. Staying in one position for too long can cause stiffness
  • Do regular neck exercises, up and down and side to side, which will help stretch the neck muscles
  • Massage and physiotherapy can help relieve your pain by giving you specific exercises and advice

If you find that your neck pain persists, it would be a good idea to see your GP.  Your GP will advise you on the right pain medications but can also refer you for an MRI on the NHS. If you are seeing a private physiotherapist, they can refer you for a private scan.

How we can help you:

At Home Physio Group all our highly skilled physiotherapists have a wealth of knowledge and expertise that they’ve gained throughout their careers, which is why we have such a huge positive impact on our patients.  Our aim is to send to you a home visiting physiotherapist that is a specialist in helping with neck pain, and therefore providing you with the best treatment possible.

By the time you are nearing the end of your programme set out for you by your physiotherapist, you will know that your function, strength, flexibility has improved greatly and the range of motion you now have is far greater than before.

We feel communication is key throughout your physiotherapy treatment. Your physio will discuss with you after each appointment whether they feel progress has been made or not.  If your therapist feels you are not progressing quickly enough then they will communicate this to you and will come up with an alternative physiotherapy plan, such as suggesting you seek specialist advice from a consultant or they may refer you for a scan.

Your treatment should be progressive, and the ultimate goal is to see improvements and positive changes following each session.

Please call us on 0330 335 1016 to discuss how we can help you or a loved one, or feel free to contact us via the enquiry form on this website, and one of our friendly team will call you straight back.

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