Do injuries take longer to heal the older we get?

In general, injuries do tend to take longer to heal as we get older. This is because the body’s healing mechanisms become less effective as we age. In addition, older people may have other medical conditions that can slow the healing process. However, the specific amount of time it takes for an injury to heal can vary widely depending on the injury and the individual. Factors that can affect healing time include the severity of the injury, the person’s overall health and nutrition, and whether the person follows proper treatment and rehabilitation procedures.

Why do injuries take longer to heal?

One of the main reasons why injuries such as fractures may take longer to heal in older adults is because the bones themselves may be weaker. As we age, the bones naturally lose density and become more brittle, which can make them more prone to fractures. In addition, older people may have conditions such as osteoporosis, which further weaken the bones and increase the risk of fractures. However, with proper treatment and rehabilitation, it is still possible for older people to fully recover from fractures and regain their strength and mobility.

Another reason why fractures may take longer to heal in older adults is because the healing process itself may be slower. As mentioned earlier, the body’s healing mechanisms become less efficient with age, which can lead to longer healing times for injuries. This can be particularly true for fractures, which require the body to generate new bone tissue to repair the damage.

Finally, older adults may be more prone to complications during the healing process, which can also contribute to longer healing times. For example, they may be more at risk of developing infections or developing blood clots, which can delay the healing process. In addition, older adults may be more likely to have other underlying medical conditions that can affect the healing process, such as diabetes or heart disease. Older adults may also have lower levels of certain hormones that play a role in the healing process, such as testosterone and human growth hormone making the immune system less efficient at fighting off infections, which can also slow the healing process.

How can physiotherapy help the healing process?

Physiotherapy can be an effective way to help injuries heal more quickly and more fully. Our physiotherapists are trained healthcare professionals who use various techniques that can help you recover from injuries, manage chronic conditions, and improve your overall physical function. These techniques can include exercises to improve mobility and strength, as well as manual therapy to help reduce pain and inflammation.

By working with our physiotherapists, you will receive personalised treatment plans that are designed to help you achieve you specific rehabilitation goals. This can be particularly beneficial for people who may have more complex medical needs and may be more prone to certain types of injuries. Through regular physiotherapy sessions, you can regain strength, improve your range of motion and reduce their risk of future injuries. In this way, physiotherapy can help injuries heal more quickly and effectively, even as we get older.

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