Chartered Physiotherapist

My Journey

I work both in the NHS and in private practice and I excel in comprehensive assessments, accurate diagnoses, and effective treatment planning. I am proficient in therapeutic exercises and manual therapy, and I collaborate with healthcare professionals to ensure holistic patient care. In my role as a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist, I assess, diagnoses, and plan treatments for all my patients.

Something about me

Beyond the clinic, I love to engage in reading, traveling, sketching, and cooking, showcasing a multifaceted personality dedicated to both professional growth and personal interests.
“We highly recommend Home Physio and especially Aimen. My mum has terminal spinal cancer and her legs were paralysed, but even though she has already lived 6 months more than Drs predicted and is getting stronger, the NHS don’t want to give her physio. We contacted Home Physio and Aimen has been incredible. In just 5 sessions, mum has improved beyond what we thought was possible. She can now transfer herself independently and move around in her wheelchair instead of being reliant on carers to move. She is able to stand up and take steps with a walking aid. Aimen has been so kind, patient and incredibly positive, giving mum the confidence to improve her mobility and increase the quality of her life. Thank you so much”. – Patricia, Bristol
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