Chartered Physiotherapist



MSc (Hons) - University of Brighton

Areas of expertise

My passion lies in neurological rehabilitation, Elderly rehabilitation, respiratory care and mobility/ falls prevention.

My Journey

I qualified as a Physiotherapist from the College of Medicine University of Lagos, Nigeria in 2005. I then obtained an MSc in Physiotherapy from the University of Brighton in 2009. I have worked across different clinical settings such as within an intermediate care setting (ICT), elderly rehab, neurology and community care. I currently work as a community physiotherapist with adults with a learning disability and I have a vast range of clinical knowledge and skills in posture management, hydrotherapy, respiratory care, mobility/ prevention of falls.

Something about me

I am interested in research and keen to finding new and innovative ways of working as this has a positive impact on the clients I work with and supports them to reach their full rehab potential.
“Omo has been so professional and helpful in my recovery, highly recommend Home Physio Group”. – Sue, Folkestone
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