Chartered Physiotherapist



BSc (Hons) - University of Cardiff

Areas of expertise

Elderly rehabilitation, falls prevention, acute stroke management and amputee rehabilitation

My Journey

I have worked in a variety of physiotherapy settings in the NHS including acute in-patients in stroke, elderly & renal medicine, out-patients in an musculoskeletal clinic and in the community supporting patients at home and in an intermediate care setting. My passion lies in amputee rehab, elderly rehabilitation and falls prevention. I really enjoy helping patients to achieve meaningful goals in the setting of their own home by creating holistic treatment plans that focus on their individual needs

Something about me

My interest in physiotherapy began when I was rowing competitively in my teens. After winning a medal at the UK National Championships, I suffered an injury and was fascinated by the physio’s understanding of how the body works and how to avoid injury, which led me to starting a career as a physiotherapist!
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