Chartered Physiotherapist

Lucy Pic


BSc – University of East London

Areas of expertise

Community rehabilitation, respiratory conditions, elderly rehabilitation, falls prevention, neurological conditions, orthopaedics, musculoskeletal conditions

Regions covered


My Journey

I have worked in different physiotherapy settings for both the NHS and in the private sector, including in-patients, out-patients and in the community. At present I work privately in the community seeing patients in their own home setting, treating a wide range of ailments including neurology, musculoskeletal, respiratory, post-surgery and falls. My passion lies in helping and working with the person on their unique journey to aid their rehabilitation process. Whether that is after an operation, a long-term illness or an acute problem. Being part of that journey of recovery or maintenance is truly rewarding to me.

Something about me

I am a certified yoga teacher, and enjoy teaching it to others.
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