Chartered Physiotherapist



BSc (Hons) - University School of Physical Education in Krakow | Poland

Areas of expertise

Neurological rehabilitation, elderly rehabilitation, falls prevention/ balance re-training, vestibular rehabilitation, orthopaedics, musculoskeletal conditions

My Journey

I am an experienced physiotherapist specialising in neurological rehab. I enjoy working with clients in a domiciliary setting. I have worked as a physiotherapist in the UK since 2007 both in the NHS and now in the private sector. I have had the opportunity to work in all core areas of physiotherapy at a senior level, which I feel makes me a competent all rounded clinician. My area of interest is neurological physio but I thoroughly enjoy treating various conditions. I mainly cover West and East Sussex locations .

Something about me

Spending time with my family (I am a father of 2 lovely kids), nature/outdoors, exercise and sports in general. Watching documentaries about travel/other cultures and the natural world.
“I am pleased to report that Bart was very professional and caring and provided me with the appropriate on-going exercises. Two sessions were sufficient to meet my needs”. – Garth, Brighton
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